Metal Mesh

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The Morata Screen has a two stage filtration system. The first filtration system consists of wire wrap jacket screen welded at both end to the perforated based pipe. While, the second filtration system consist of a metal mesh screen wrapped up around the base pipe and underlying the wire wrapped jacket screen. This two stage filtration system has been assembled with high precision machines and equipment in accordance with stringent quality control standards. This unique filtration construction features to optimize the filtration function, particularly in well producing with relatively high concentration of fines.


  • Open hole and cased-hole completion
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal well completion
  • Stand-alone screen completions


  • Help keeping production free of sand
  • Easy to install
  • Dual step filtration media
  • Longer life time of filtration system live service
  • Minimizes abrasion and erosion on the upper producing equipment due to fines
  • High pressure and High temperature resistant