Wire Wrap Screen

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The MaxWrap screen is a perforated based pipe provided with welded wire wrap jacket screen at both end to the perforated based pipe, known as slip on wrap, which provides an economical, reliable, and effective method in allowing a free solid particle production fluid flow to enter the production string from the formation in both gravel pack and non-gravel pack completion well.


  • Open hole and cased-hole completions
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal well completions of oil, gas and injector wells
  • Stand-alone screen well completions
  • Gravel-pack and Frac-pack well completions


  • Self-cleaning design provides consistent, clog-free performance
  • Choice of wire and base pipe allows for custom engineering to match specific production environments
  • More effective than slotted liners
  • Consistence slot gauge for reliable sand control
  • Increased strength allowing manipulation of the equipment during completion procedure in the hole
  • Tight fit of support elements and wire creates the necessary compressions around the pipe and forms a perfect cylindrical shape