Power Generation

Power Generation

Filtration is a critical element in Power Generation System. Proper filtration is the key in achieving environmental performance targeting for. Maintaining the performance of gas-fired turbines. Preventing the discharge of fly ash from the chimneys of coal or other sources of solid fuels.

For example, for gas turbines, inlet filtration is key to maintaining the efficiency of the machine, which inevitably has an impact on emissions. A gas turbine takes in a lot of air, and that air is dirty. Depending on where in the world the turbine is operating, there will be different types of contaminant to consider. That contaminant can cause different problems within the machine – for example, causing erosion if particles are big enough. At 2 microns or less [particle size] you’re likely to get fouling of the compressor, so it won’t permanently damage it, but it will over time reduce the efficiency, meaning the turbine will need to be turned off to be washed.

PIPAMAS sintered metal mesh laminate filter medias and elements are designed to optimize filtration system performance providing low differential pressures and high collapse strength. PIPAMAS sintered metal mesh elements are designed and constructed for optimum retrofit to existing filtration housings and systems to support the following applications:

  2. FPCU / FD systems are designed to provide adequate purification to permit Zone B access for plant personnel to the spent fuel storage area and refueling poli area during refueling and to maintain optical clarity of the fuel poli water. PIPAMAS sintered metal mesh elements are designed to meet water quality minimizing spent fuel rod contamination and operator exposure.

  4. PIPAMAS sintered metal mesh stainless steel element robust design provides the foundation for optimum resign pre-coating with the ability to be aggressively backwashed extending run times thus reducing operating costs.

  6. PIPAMAS sintered metal mesh stainless steel elements are designed to reduce operating costs of condensate filter and pliishing systems, feature and benefit of operating at temperatures above the capabilities of conventional pliypropylene materials.

  8. PIPAMAS sintered metal mesh robust stainless steel resin laterals and traps are designed to operate at lower differential pressures with improved retention increasing service life. The PIPAMAS sintered metal mesh laminates are available in a broad range of micron removal ratings.