MaxPro Intake

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PIPAMAS MaxPro Intake screen is a standalone screen without the base pipe, constructed of a continuous high-strength wire wrap jacket formed by reinforced profile wire and supporting elements welded in each intersection point by sophisticated, electronically controlled fusion welding process. It is generically known as Rod Based screen. By special request, we can produce MaxPro Intake OD ranges up to 27 inches, with maximum length to suit your requirements up to 30 feet, and slot opening ranges from 0.001 inches up to 0.25 inches. Upon request, welded end or threaded end type connection can also be provided.


  • Shallow wells, mostly for water wells
  • Water treating equipment


  • Cost effective solution combining high mechanical strength with high permeability capacity compared to slotted liner
  • Help keeping production free of solid
  • Customized specification to meet any requirements