Pre-pack Screen

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When a conventional gravel pack completion is not feasible or economical, a Prepack Screen installation is a good option in providing cost effective sand production problem prevention in oil or gas wells. It consists of a base pipe with two concentric V-shaped wire screens which have been gone through internal quality control process of wrap wire specifications and approximately 0.25-in thick interval gravel pack layer placed in between, which is considered as a pre-built gravel pack. The dual jacket design and packing process insures a void free and the gravel pack layer consists of, typically, resin coated and consolidated gravel, but regular re-sieved gravel varieties, will also be available.


  • Suitable for Stand Alone Screen (SAS) applications in cased or open-hole completions.
  • Excellent choice for marginal reservoirs requiring economical sand control options.


  • Dual steps filtration media
  • Provides protection against erosional forces
  • Eliminates the need to under ream and gravel pack a well
  • Options for wrap wire and base pipe alloys as well as type and thickness of aggregate gravel pack
  • Purposely constructed for oil, gas or water producing wells